New Work Permit Rules in Thailand

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Land Fraud in Thailand

Work permit rules in Thailand have changed however the new changes are a bit strange. Lets look at what has changed in the new Alien Labour Act to see what its effects might be. The work permit enforcement has changed as before the employer would not only pay a fine for hiring an illegal alien but would also have to serve a prison sentence. This under the new act has been made away with. Firstly as an employer you now only get a fine and no imprisonment.

This does not affect you and I much unless like some foreigners that employ Cambodians and Burmese. The fines and imprisonment for illegal aliens still count however this could very well increase problems on another level. No doubt that the changed law will be challenged in some point in time as it goes against the Constitution of Thailand and the results might be interesting and ground breaking. From where one stands human trafficking couldĀ  increase however time will tell how long it takes for the changes to be changed.

If you employ staff the new laws might leave you thinking that you are safe from prosecution, however going up the road least traveled could very well backfire on you in due course. Speak to any of our lawyers in Hua Hin or Bangkok for more information with regards to changes in Thai law.

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